• Farhat jewels make Hyderabadi Jewellery with 6k gold polish.
  • The metal used are Brass and Silver.
  • We make fitting jewellery instead of pasting jewellery.
  • The method used by us to fix stones into frame is as same as used in Gold and Diamond jewellery, not in an ordinary manner of fixing them with glue.
  • The beads used in jewellery are either Real or Onyx beads.
  • We used High quality Polki instead of Kankar stone.
  • Pearls used are either shell pearls or real depending upon the client requirement.

Hyderabadi Jewellery is customised into 5 Colours which are as follows :

  • White
  • Garnet( Ruby)
  • Green( Emerald)
  • Blue( firozi and Blue sapphire) both
  • Multicoloured (combining all these colour stones as well as Yellow saphhire).