We are team of four associated with different profession but bonded with same spirit of delivering quality to your doorstep. Let me introduce myself, I, Maryam Haider (PhD-AMU) along with my mother Farhat Haider who is a homemaker started with buying Hyderabadi jewellery for our self but soon we got into manufacturing and supplying in bulk to our dear customers. Thank you for your trust and support. You helped us in growing our business. With the growth of business two more people came into picture, my father Syed Anees Haider and my husband, Mohd Ali Abbas Zaidi (PhD IIT Kanpur) provided us with all sorts of help. I wanted this initiative of ours to be known by the name of my mother. Hence we named it byFarhat’s jewels. We plan to go beyond jewellery and expand our business to provide kitchen solutions. Directly from byFarhat’s Kitchen. We provide customized Hyderabad jewellery and Hyderabadi kundan sets with unmatchable quality. Our customers are located all over the world. Please allow us to serve you to your satisfaction.

Farhat jewels make Hyderabadi Jewellery with 6k gold polish. The metal used are Brass and Silver.
We make fitting jewellery instead of pasting jewellery. The method used by us to fix stones into frame is as same as used in Gold and Diamond jewellery, not in an ordinary manner of fixing them with glue.
The beads used in jewellery are either Real or Onyx beads. We used High quality Polki instead of Kankar stone.
Pearls used are either shell pearls or real depending upon the client requirement.

Hyderabadi Jewellery is customised into 5 Colours which are as follows :

  • White
  • Garnet( Ruby)
  • Green( Emerald)
  • Blue( firozi and Blue sapphire) both
  • Multicoloured (combining all these colour stones as well as Yellow saphhire).

Hyderabadi jewels by farhat is your perfect destination to stop for buying the traditional Hyderabadi/ Nizami Jewellery which is famous for its antique Royal designs around the world.

Here’s a look at some of the exclusive Hyderabadi Jewellery we stock –


The jada hua lachcha – commonly known as a choker, has been a part of Hyderabad’s legacy from time immemorial. It was named as chintaak in Farsi or Persian language and in Urdu it was referred to as Jada hua lachcha or a studded necklace. Studded with Polki and pure/ shell pearls and the stones used are real as well as Onyx stones in 6 carat gold. And all dull green emerald drops/ aveza , Garnet drops, Firozi drops, white Pearls hanging down to complete the look. The bridal look is supposed to be incomplete without the jada hua lachcha, along with it , there is one satlada in the same colour combination as used in Chitnaak to complete the bridal look.


Maang Teeka usually compliments the jada hua laccha. The best traditional ones are studded with almas and have pearl drops hanging down. The teeka used to be the symbol of pride of the wives of nobles and kings. The round shape of the teeka is a symbol of the shield men carry at war and the two bead heads on the teeka symbolize the handles of the swords placed criss-crossed over the shield.


Karan Phool – the jhumkas are again a part of the set. A flower studded with almas or pukhraj with a studded jhumka hanging down. A very lovely piece of jewellery.


Seven strings of Hyderabadi pearls woven together adorned with avezas, uncut Polki stones and beads in 5 colours with 6k gold.


Jhoomar is another part of the Hyderabadi bridal jewellery. Studded with Aveza and Pearls in 6 carat gold woven with Hyderabadi pearl strings.


Symbol of the bride’s purity, honor and chastity. The Hyderabadi nath is a big gold ring with a big ruby bead amidst two pearl beads… to complete the bridal look.


Another Beautiful piece of Nizami Jewellery to make your hands look Beautiful is, Jadau bangles studed with beautiful Polki and Aveza binded with pearls to make it look more beautiful.


Owning a piece of such jewellery is like owning a piece of art and a part of Nizami heritage. If you wish to own one in semi precious stones and real Hyderabadi Jewellery that too can be customised. Apart from the regular bridal jewellery we also stock hyderabadi m Jewellery like guluband, v set, Jugni raani set, hyderabadi raani haar, bazuband, Chandbali, jhumka, Tirmani Haar and many others.

Apart from the Hyderabadi jewellery we keep kundan jewellery as well which has its own characteristics Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. The method is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is one of the older forms of jewellery made and worn in India. Hyderabadijewels by farhat stock Good Quality kundan, High Quality Kundan as well as paachi Kundan.

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